Nokia 3310 is on its way to Vodafone and EE in the UK

We already know that Carphone Warehouse will be selling the newly revived Nokia 3310 (2017) in the UK, because the retailer has boasted about seeing “an unprecedented level of demand” for the feature phone. Clove will also be offering the device, starting in May. But what about operators?

Today both Vodafone and EE have confirmed that they will be stocking the new 3310. Unfortunately neither was kind enough to share a specific release date, so we’ll have to stick to saying it’s “coming soon”.

On the other hand, O2 and Three have no plans to sell the 3310, at least for now. The 3310 should be priced at €49 in the Eurozone, which means its UK pricing will probably be around £39.99-44.99.

There’s a small chance that the feature phone will launch before the end of this month, apparently, but May is still our safest bet for that. Since it’s more of a marketing stunt than an actually desirable handset, we’re interested to see how well the new 3310 will manage to do, sales-wise.


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