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The Art Of Racing: Part Two

          Words by Benjamin Gracias/ Photography courtesy VW Motorsport To prepare for your first race is one thing; to be in the race seat, watch your hands grip the steering, the sea of race cars filling up the view from ...Read More

Honda Cliq Launched In Pune

        With a view to revolutionizing the Indian scooter market, Honda recently launched the Cliq in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and we also got a chance to have a first ride experience of it, which can be read here. As unique as the ...Read More

Mini-truck sales may grow after three-year hiatus

MUMBAI: Sales of light trucks are often seen as the most accurate growth benchmark for India’s real economy. That yardstick is pointing north for the first time in four years, indicating that businesses are keen to enhance last-mile connectivity in the nation with the ...Read More